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I'm sitting here looking at CNN News on Zimmerman trying to go free on Bail. They are currently questioning Zimmerman wife over the phone, prosecutor just read a file where hubby struck an officer back in 2003 or 6 but wife says she don't think husband was in the wrong, she also just found out about incident about another woman striking him not knowing all details but she says he had to protect himself against her. Sounds like she is contradicting herself. She feels that she is in danger,states she has received hate mail and treats but she did not report to police. She also states she don't remember alot of things hubby said about other incidents. I think he does not need to get a bond.

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Just keep praying for justice.

Its sad that Zimmerman is trying to get away for killing a child. He should be in jail.

I think she is a fruitcake!

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