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The Heat Is On
Good evening friends,  I had forgot how important the last two weeks of school are. Someone had mention that this week is for scrambling and scramming all you have learned this semester along with essays, projects, reviews and other things you can think of, and it seems like everything is due the same time although there may be a day or so in between.  Well I can't let this stress me out because then I will be just as confused as I was when I first started this semester.  I will say I am confident enough that I will pass all three classes with the help of the Lord.  What about you? Where is your faith? Do you have any? Not trying to preach or throw my spiritual belief on anyone and I hope I don't offend anyone, I just know where my blessings come from and I'm looking for them to continue coming through for me this semester.  Well that's all I wanted to say for now. Hope you all have a restful and Bless night.

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yessss is almost OVERRRRRR!

I have faith you will do just fine! Dont underestimate yourself!!! I still need a topic for my dang essay :)

We are going to make it

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