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I just wanted to comment on George Zimmerman being out on bail. First of all I don't think it is right to allow him to go into hiding outside the of state of Florida. He and wife has stated they have received a number of death threats and threating phone calls. But as the wife stated during his bond hearing she did not report them to the police, but I'm wondering why not? There are kids in the home. Secondly, just because he turned in his passport what to say he don't have another one "alias" but I'm not calling him a criminal, I'm just saying. His lawyer say he is confused and worried about possibly facing life in prison for 2nd degree murder, what if he gets more confused and go completely in hiding and take off the ankle monitor device, I guess the officials will say he was scared. The lawyer and judge states they want him to be safe and secure but they should know he is very recognizible, this case is world-wide talked about and he can't hide because someone is always watching.

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I sill can't get over this

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