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Good morning LJF, today is Tuesday, May 1st, 2012.  It's , a beautiful, sunny, and windy

day. Most of us have one more full day of studying and reviewing before exams starts and

two more days before it's the weekend starts again. So I'm sending out a special message

for today-GO TITANS.Have A Good day

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I am going to really miss you Lisa. We had had classes together for two semesters. I want you to know that I have really enjoyed being around you.The really good thing is that I know where you live and we need to get together this summer and cook out and shoot the sh.. (lol)I want to wish you the best in all your classes.I hate good-byes, so we must keep in touch!! or I will come and find you!

I have really enjoyed meeting you,and it has been a great pleasure being friends with you. I agree we will need to stay in touch during the summer especially how the "chocolate drop"likes to cook on the grill. I hope you have a stressless summer in school, which I was going-but things happen for a reason. Do be careful in the heat. We will most definetly stay in touch. No there is no Goodbyes only I'll see and talk to you later.

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