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I don't know if anybody will read this post but i just had to vent just a little; I have been up since 5:15 this morning due to having to go to bathroom' i decided to stay up because i knew today was last day of school and i still had to do some reviewing before i took my module 5 quiz, test and final exam so i got to school at 8:30 i was already prepared to be there up until at least 2pm or 3. well somebody else had plans for me and fellow lab students because the system went down,and crashed about 2:40pm I had just started taking my module test and do you know it didn't come back up until about 6:30 putting a bigger rush on us to try to finish by deadline(8:50). well the lab supervisor stated she wasn't given any word about an extension since we were all at a stand still, but we finally received word at 7:30 that we were granted an extension up until 10:45. well an mature head like myself was already tired,hungry,and hurting i couldn't take any medicine so my pain level went past 10 on the scale,blood pressure was up and feet were swollen but i was determine to pass math seeing how it was my 2nd semester in 060, well i didn't after all the chaos with the system lab supervisor said we were exempt from doing the review for the final and the final exam,said we can take a 0 for the final test but we had to pass module 5 i said i tried  took it 3 times and still didn't pass. i am hurt because i worked so hard, was very dedicated sat in the lab even on days i was in a lot of pain. but you know what i came farther than i did last semester so i'm pride of myself on that note.i guess i will retake it in fall even though i have to pay for it. it'll work out in my favor eventually. oh yeah they did buy pizza and drinks for us as a consultation prize since alot of us had been there all day. well my medicine is kicking in now so i'm going to close by saying congratulations to the Class of 2012. sorry it's so long i had nobody to talk to.again to former classmates have an enjoyable and safe summer i'll see you in the fall

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Unfortunately, since I didn't pass the math I was told I could no longer attend GTCC because I was placed on Finanical probation because I had 2 classes that was dropped/or withdrawn back in 1987 & 1993,and part of the probation stipulations was I could not receive an "F" or withdraw from another class. I tried to plea my case by letting FA counselor know I would had passed the module test if the system hadn't crashed and went down for 4hrs. I felt that if I would've been able to take my time instead of rushing through the test, which takes me approximately an 1 hr on math tests because I get confused on the different formulas. However, I was told that I could apply at another community college. Right now I'm just confused it wasn't enough for them to tell me I couldn't attend summer semester due to not having enough funds but I guess that has something to due with recession and cutbacks. Oh well I'm just weighing my options, I'll see what happens.

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